Eiichi Abe | CEO
Eiichi started working at Jalpak after he graduated college. It has been his dream since he was a child to become a tour guide, and he had the opportunity to work in Europe for 3 years with the company. He then worked in sales for 7 years before transferring to Jalpak’s Hawaii Branch in 1999, focusing mainly on marketing. After obtaining his green card, he started his own marketing company called Abee’s Inc. in 2005 and then a sports marketing company called Sports Navigator Hawaii in 2007.
Hobbies: Cycling, Triathlon, Fishing, and Beer Brewing
Accomplishment: US Triathlon Series (USTS) Race Director

A word from our CEO: After living in America for 20 years, I have started to look at my Japanese identity and the magnificence of Japan in a new light. When I established Sports Navigator Hawaii in 2007, all of the sports events were available only in English. Soon, many people who love sports in Japan started to use our Japanese language service. Similarly now, most of the events in Japan are in Japanese, creating a difficult challenge for non-Japanese speakers to overcome. Our goal is to portray Japan’s beauty through sports. At Samurai Sports, we hope to help foreign visitors, foreigners currently residing in Japan, Japanese event organizers, and tour companies achieve that goal, and also encourage regional development.

Shigeo Takeuchi | COO
Shigeo has worked for an online sports registration company for 13 years. He has managed over 3,000 sports events in Japan, helping with projects such as public relations, advertising, and race day operations. He then took part in creating Samurai Sports Marketing LLC, Japan’s first inbound sports media platform.

A word from our COO: At Samurai Sports, our goal is to make people to think “Let’s do sports in Japan! Let’s go to Japan to do sports!” Currently, over 95% of the sports events in Japan are available only in Japanese, making it difficult for non-Japanese speakers to understand. Since the event names and descriptions are not in English, they do not know that these amazing sports events even exist. At Samurai Sports, we want to offer easy access in English for all the sports and activities in Japan to increase participation and create a reason to visit Japan. We hope to put a smile on everyone’s faces through sports.