Sports Tourism in Japan

We offer English support and consulting services in the sports & tourism industry in Japan
through sports events, active lifestyles, and culture.

Introducing Japan’s sports culture
to the world

At Samurai Sports, we aspire to provide a portal in English to attract tourism in Japan through sports. Our main goal is to help non-Japanese speakers who are visiting and currently residing in Japan with services in English, such as introducing sports events, recommending regional activities, and registering for events online.

Main Business Details


Manage a website
for non-Japanese speakers

Samurai Sports


Offer marketing and PR strategies
for sports tourism and activities
all over Japan


Open offices
with English assistance

Maui Marathon 2017 Expo

Consulting Experience at International Sports Events

Samurai Sports Marketing LLC’s parent companies, Sports Navigator Hawaii and Abee’s Inc., have been promoting inbound business for over 10 years in Honolulu, Hawaii attracting foreign customers especially from Japan. With the experience gained in Hawaii, Samurai Sports Marketing LLC will be your leading choice for international public relations consulting and assistance at events such as expos and sports events in Japan.